Fuel Tanks

The fuel tanks manufactured by JFC Polska are the optimum solution for the on-site storage and dispensing of Diesel fuel. They come in handy at all facilities which operate Diesel-engined vehicles - tractors, trucks, passenger cars, farming and construction machines, forklift trucks, and more. The ergonomic design of the fuel-dispensing box features an access door which, by virtue of its unique mounting, protects the fuel tank from impact and damage in transit. The fuel-dispensing box and its door provide extra bracing for the whole structure of the fuel tank. The optimum colour of the fuel tank helps keep it clean, and resists fading and discolouration over time. All fuel tanks are manufactured under the surveillance of the Polish Office of Technical Inspection (UDT), and in compliance with the applicable laws. The fuel tanks are delivered with UDT-Type Approvals and fire-protection certificates. JFC provides the fuel tanks with 10 years of warranty on leak-tightness and 2 years of warranty on operating components, i.e. the dispensing pump, the flow meter, etc.