Water Tanks

JFC supplies Aquacube water storage tanks to municipal and water supply companies as well as local self-government units in Ireland, Great Britain and Poland.

Water storage tanks are used to provide drinking water to residents in emergency situations, such as floods, unfavorable weather conditions or repair and maintenance of sewage installations. In addition, tanks can be used for other purposes, including for watering plants in the city during the growing season.

The tanks are produced by rotational molding, made of UV-resistant plastic. The most popular and most versatile tank capacities are 1,100 and 1,800 liters. Aquacube tanks have a galvanized frame, equipped with a guide allowing easy manoeuvering with a forklift, crane or other construction machinery. These tanks also have a lid that can be closed from the outside, an information board, as well as an optional 2.5 "quick connector, designed for quick filling directly from the hydrant. JAC Aquacube tanks can be used both as a portable and stationary water storage solution.