Skylights and Venting Windows

An optimum indoor climate

The proper indoor illumination of livestock buildings is essential for the good growth and rearing of animals. Properly designed and installed skylights are beneficial to the welfare of animals sheltered indoors, and reduce the risk of the animals overheating. Livestock buildings usually do not have usable attic spaces; it is possible to install ridge skylights in the roof ridge. This affords better illumination indoors (the skylights provide much-more light than wall windows with the same clear-surface area).

JFC provides skylight support bases made of aluminium sections for a longer service life in the chemically aggressive conditions typical of livestock-building interiors. The additional shapes which cap the polycarbonate panes ensure the proper strength and rigidity of the skylights. Skylights with polycarbonate panes cannot be shattered into sharp splinters, which makes them completely safe for animals. Roof skylights feature adjustable vent slots to control the air flow, as required by the indoor conditions. The skylights are installed directly into the roofing, which eliminates the need for additional bracing. Ridge skylights reduce incident rates among livestock; this results from the occurrence of air-flow deflection in the top section of the livestock buildings, immediately under the roofs. Ridge skylights also reduce humidity inside livestock buildings to comfortable and healthy levels, which is also a major contributor to the wellbeing and good rearing conditions of the animals. Another contributor to the same factors is the uniform indoor illumination by the JFC skylights, which also reduces the deposition of airborne dust and dirt, when compared to the effect of wall windows. Ridge skylights contribute greatly to efficient indoor ventilation for a major improvement in the performance of animals.