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JFC is an international company and a manufacturer of high-quality, innovative products. The agricultural-products sector has always been the greatest focus of JFC. Since 1987, JFC has been meeting farmers' expectations with innovative products for agriculture. JFC products are in use in over 40 countries around the world, and have achieved a dominant position on the market. Thanks to working closely with farmers, JFC is constantly expanding its range with new products to meet their needs and requirements. All JFC products are designed in close cooperation with agricultural and veterinary experts to achieve the highest level of functionality and animal safety.

Agriculture Products

Water Troughs

For more than 30 years, JFC has been providing high-quality, safe, and practical drinking bowls for farm animals. JFC understands the importance of providing easily accessible, fresh, clean, drinking water to animals. Having consulted on the design and development with agricultural experts, and addressed the demands and expectations of farmers, JFC have developed a wide selection of drinkers suitable for various applications. JFC polyethylene troughs are tough, impact-resistant, and designed to withstand heavy use. Each trough is stable in UV light, and has a high freeze/thaw-cracking resistance, making them suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. Our range of innovative troughs is available in a variety of shapes and sizes (50-1590L) which are easy to transport, instal, and service.


Drinking Bowls

The supply of fresh and clean drinking water is very important in dairy farming. JFC markets an extensive range of drinkers suitable for internal and external use. The plastic used in our drinkers has high freeze/thaw-cracking resistance, a particularly important feature in freezing conditions.

Each drinker is designed with rounded edges for ultimate animal safety. The strategically laid out mounting holes or fixtures provide safe use by the animals. All drinking bowls (except the DBL5 and the DBL7) have the water connection from the left- or the right-hand side. The DBL4 Micro Drinking Bowl and the DBL5 and DBL7 Nose-Fill Drinking Bowls feature double walls, which make the products extremely impact resistant, and capable of withstanding robust use.


Calf Hutches

JFC’s calf hutches are a tested-and-proven, healthy, housing alternative for calves in the first 10 weeks of life. Independent trials have shown that outdoor ventilated hutches significantly reduce calf mortality and cross infections, including calf scour and pneumonia. This preventive measure, when applied in the first weeks of a calf’s life, is essential for the better growth and full performance of calves.

Calf hutches can separate new born calves from the rest of the herd, or provide sanitary isolation for sick calves to protect the healthy animals. JFC has an extensive portfolio of calf hutches suitable for single and group housing. JFC hutches are strong, durable, and weather-resistant. They are well ventilated and easy to clean, making them an extremely hygienic housing option.


Cow Comfort Mats

When a cow is lying on the ground, the animal supports 80% of its body weight in a “tripod” stance, with the three supports formed by two knees and one pastern. If outdoor, nature itself provides a comfortable padding of turf for cows. When a cow gets up, it leaves depressions in the ground, which show how much pressure the animal applies through its knees and pastern. The concrete floors in cowsheds, lined only with a thin layer of bedding, provide a hard and usually uncomfortable surface to rest on. The discomfort caused by resting on the concrete is stressful, and reduces the time in which a cow is willing to lie down. This can harm milk yield.

JFC cow-comfort mats prevent clavi and sores, which improves the overall condition and health of cows.


Equine Equipment

JFC has a comprehensive portfolio of practical drinkers and stable accessories designed to assist in care for horses. Having consulted veterinary experts and the best horse breeders, JFC created extremely strong equine products which withstand robust abuse, and their safety for horses is guaranteed.

JFC products feature extreme durable and smooth surface finishes for easy cleaning, plus innovative features to prevent feed spillage and waste.



JFC Polska markets a wide range of innovative wheelbarrows and trolleys ideal for use in agriculture. Each wheelbarrow features a galvanised-steel frame and inflatable wheels mounted on roller bearings for improved manoeuvrability and efficient handling. JFC’s wheelbarrows and trolleys are sturdy, durable, and surprisingly light in use, even when heavily loaded.


Calf Teat Feeders

JFC Calf-Teat Feeders provide an efficient way of supplying milk to several calves at once. Each feeder is fitted with a non-return valve teat. The teats encourage a natural sucking action, allowing milk to be delivered at an optimum rate. The feeder features two reinforced hangers for mounting on a gate, rail, or fence. Ideal for use with the JFC Calf Hutch System when hung on a pen fence. The feeders are designed with minimum crevices, making them easy to clean. They can be stored upside down to remove drips faster, and for faster drying. They are easy to store and transport (the feeders are designed for stacking one inside the other). The feeders are available as single-teat or compartment feeders.


Hygiene and Care

JFC makes a series of footbaths which, when used with good farming practices. reduce the spread of infection, and assist in the prevention and treatment of claw/hoof diseases and lameness. JFC footbaths are manufactured from tough polyethylene, making them extremely hard-wearing and durable. The products are suitable for all types of disinfectant. The inbuilt ribs prevent slipping, and ensure animals go through the footbath more slowly, allowing the hooves to bathe for longer. The turned-in lip significantly reduces the amount of solution wasted due to spillages.


Breeding Accessories

The JFC Milk Cart is the perfect solution for transporting milk on the farm, and provides quick and efficient calf feeding. The cart is available fitted with a motorised mixer to save time and effort on mixing. The cart is fitted with 2 pneumatic wheels and 2 braked-castor wheels for smooth handling, even on rough terrains.