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Households produce large amounts of waste every day. Non-sorted and undeveloped litter must be exported to constantly expanding landfills. To meet the expectations of the market, JFC Polska offers a wide range of products enabling selective collection of waste. In our offer we have containers of various sizes, adapted to the needs of both households, schools and kindergartens, and municipal water treatment plants.

Product Recycling

Selective Waste Banks

One method for recovering recyclable waste is selective waste collection, which means separating different types of waste into different waste banks.

JFC markets a wide range of selective waste banks. JFC’s designers developed these products with an appealing appearance and high durability in mind. The high-quality materials help the selective waste banks retain a neat, nearly-like-new, appearance, for many years of service.


Sand and Salt Bins

The sand and salt bins manufactured by JFC help fight icing on roads and pedestrian pavements. The high-quality materials which the bins are made from prevent leaching and spilling of salt into the soil. The products are available in custom colours to order. Their high durability makes the bins serviceable for many years. The aesthetic finish of the sand and salt bins makes them fit in anywhere.

JFC sand and salt bins are 100-percent recyclable, environmentally-friendly, products. The come with the PZH-NIH Hygiene Certificates.


Other Selective Waste Bins

In addition to high-capacity selective waste banks, JFC Polska also stocks many different bins to facilitate waste recycling. The bins manufactured by JFC Polska are from high-quality polyethylene, and have aesthetic finishes. They also come in a wide range of sizes for all customers to find the capacity optimum for their needs.