Signal Buoys

JFC is a global organization known for its innovative plastic products of the highest quality. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, JFC draws on the knowledge accumulated in the company, developing and improving its products for international markets.

In 2005, JFC started production for the maritime industry by producing products used for marking aquatic farms cultivating mussels. Based on the experience and knowledge of the product obtained while working on the aquaculture market, we have expanded the activity related to the marine industry to the production of marine navigational aids.

We currently offer a complete range of polyethylene navigational buoys / lanterns, monitoring and control systems for all marine applications. These products are successfully used for marking shipping canals, entering ports, hazardous waters, wind farms, water farms and various other marine installations. Our wide range of products includes navigational buoys, navigational solar lanterns, marker poles and peak signs.

As a member of IALA (International Association of Navigation Signage Services), JFC produces buoys and lanterns in accordance with the guidelines of this organization. In addition, we are also a supplier of remote monitoring and control systems (GSM, AIS) and alarm systems used by seafarers, coast guards and main port authorities around the world.