LL-C ISO 9001

The implementation of the ISO 9001:2008 standard helps JFC with the continuous improvement of its quality-management systems (QMS) and processes in the organisation. This, in turn, means continuous improvements in the quality of products and customer service alike.

ISO is an independent, international, non-government organisation, with 161 national standardisation bodies as its members.

Through its members, ISO networks experts who share knowledge and develop voluntary, market-based, international standards, which foster innovation and provide solutions to global challenges.

 Firma Wiarygodna Finansowo

Uczestniczy w Programie Firma Wiarygodna Finansowo oraz nie posiada zaległego zadłużenia* ujawnionego w:
– Rejestrze Dłużników BIG InfoMonitor
– Bazach danych Biura Informacji Kredytowej
– Systemie Bankowy Rejestr Związku Banków Polskich na dzień 15.11.2018

 IALA Certification

The IALA is a non-profit, international, technical association. Established in 1957, it gathers together marine aids to navigation authorities, manufacturers, consultants, and scientific and training institutes, from all parts of the world, and gives them the opportunity to exchange and compare their experiences and achievements.

IALA encourages its members to work together in a common effort to harmonise aids to navigation worldwide, and to ensure that the movements of vessels are safe, expeditious, and cost-effective, while protecting the environment.

Taking into account the needs of mariners, developments in technology, and the requirements and constraints of aids to navigation authorities, a number of technical committees have been established, bringing together experts from around the world.

The work of the committees is aimed at developing common best-practice standards through the publication of IALA Recommendations and Guidelines.


 UKHMA Certification

The Harbour Masters’ Association of the United Kingdom, The Channel Islands, and the Isle of Man (UKHMA) was formed in May 1993 at an inaugural meeting held at the University of Wales in Cardiff. miała miejsce w maju 1993 r. na Uniwersytecie Walii w Cardiff.

The meeting, which was an extension to a series of technical briefings held by the University for the specific benefit of harbour masters, attracted 87 Founder Members from all regions of the British Isles.

The organisation is a professional association of harbour masters. The Association consists of seven regional constituencies, including an active group in Scotland which includes both mainland and island Members.




 2016 Marine Excellence Awards

The Marine Excellence Awards embody the opinions of business and individuals who are greatly contributing to the development of the marine industry in Ireland. The Marine Excellent Awards celebrate their successes and highlight the high standards of excellence achieved over the preceding few years by companies in the marine sector. The Marine Excellent Awards are a special distinction, and an acknowledgement of the achievements on a national scale for companies in the marine sector.


Exellence in Marine Technology Award

Dr Peter Heffernan, dyrektor generalny, Marine Institute i Michael Creed, T.D., Minister Rolnictwa, Żywności i Marynarki, wręczają nagrodę Excellence in Marine Technology Colinowi Concannonowi, JFC Marine.